Agriculture Reaches Further than the Farm

Did you know about 1 in every 12 jobs is tied to agriculture?  To produce U.S. food, fuel, and fiber it takes almost 22 million jobs!  That is a lot of people to support the backbone of the American farmers and ranchers, who are charged with a tall order to feed almost 9 billion people this year alone.  U.S. farmers are some of the most, if not the most, productive, and efficient producers in the world. 

The need to employ those working on the farm, food processing plants, grocery stores, farmers markets, equipment sales, ag lenders etc. is essential to keep a farm or ranch operating.  It’s been said the average person may be 3 generations removed from the farm, yet if you really look at the landscape, agriculture is everywhere.  More and more people are needed to help American farmers and ranchers meet the demands for food, fuel, and fiber. 

Careers such as engineering or technology also play a critical role in the future of agriculture.  These roles vital to supporting agriculture, even though some of those filling those jobs don’t have a direct tie back to the farm.  Essentially, through work, lifestyles, or just from buying the fruits of American farmers and ranchers, we are all tied to agriculture in one way or another.  And what better to stand together, by celebrating American agriculture on this National Ag Day!  Farmers truly bring everyone to the table.

Jackie Martin, Conterra VP Relationship Manager, is based on the Ohio/Indiana border. Jackie has a passion for agriculture and the rural lifestyle. Start a conversation with Jackie at, or talk ag any of the Conterra relationship managers nationwide, contact us at

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