Farm Operating Loans

Conterra Operating Line of Credit Program

The Conterra Operating Loan Program is designed to provide Operating Lines of Credit (LOCs) to farmers who farm federally insured crops. Conterra offers advance rates of up to 80% of a producer’s crop insurance guarantee and customers can use LOC funds for land rents, farm inputs, mortgage payments, and other farming needs as established in their approved crop budget.  Conterra offers fixed rate LOCs to allow producers to hedge against rising rates.  We offer competitive rates and terms and aim to provide the capital you need throughout the crop year.

 A farm operating loan or an operating line of credit can keep your purchasing power strong, even when cash flow is limited.

    • Seed
    • Fertilizer, pesticides and other inputs
    • General operating expenses
    • Land Rent

The lines are non-revolving and on controlled disbursements are requested by the borrower up to two times per month, with funds being used to pay for budgeted expense items.  Generally, the loans are due and payable after the crop season.

No! We value our long-term relationships with our clients and recognize the importance of simple and straight-forward lending. You will never be charged a penalty fee for not using your credit line or for making a withdraw.

There is no mandatory rest period.  Paydowns are required as crops are sold, government payments are received, or crop insurance is collected.  Conterra files an assignment on these proceeds and checks are joint payable to the farmer and Conterra.

Any items in the approved crop budget, such as; seed, chemicals, fertilizer, fuel, rents, mortgage payments, labor, insurance, harvest costs, etc.

An operating line of credit can be drawn out to the maximum amount approved and is then paid down as the products securing the line are sold.  As the line is paid down, it cannot be re-drawn.  A revolving line of credit can be drawn up, paid down, and drawn back up during the term of the loan.

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