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When you’ve worked long and hard to build your operation, you deserve a loan that reflects your commitment to being the best. Conterra Ag Premier is an agricultural real estate lending product designed for our most highly qualified clients, who value speed, simplicity, and the certainty that we’ll get the job done. 

Conterra Ag Premier (CAP) is a credit score based loan program designed to simplify the application process and deliver a credit decision quickly. By filling out the the CAP Application you bypass many of the traditional loan onboarding requirements and reduce the amount of time needed to submit and qualify for a loan with Conterra. Please read the eligibility parameters before filling out this application. If you do not meet the requirements you can fill out a standard loan request form and we will contact you to quickly to see what kind of loan would work best for your situation.

Eligibility Parameters

  • Maximum loan size: $5 Million.
  • Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) 60% LTV and structural improvements may not account for more than 30% of the collateral value
  • Minimum credit score for all applicants: 700

CAP Plan Highlights

  • Accelerated Credit Decisions
  • Simplified Application Process
  • Reduced Documentation Requirements
  • Loan amounts up to $5 Million with LTV less than 60%


Essential items should be on all producers’ minds: how will volatility in input and output prices affect the bottom line? What opportunities and challenges does this present?

Watching input costs, particularly in the labor, fertilizer, and fuel markets will be extremely important. No one size fits all, but managing expenses this year will be important, even with high, albeit volatile, output prices. In this Outlook, we provide more color and context to the essential questions above. 

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