Conterra Regional Relationship Managers

Looking for a reliable agricultural lender? 

Conterra offers a wide range of farm loan products tailored to every region of the United States. 
Click on the map or relationship manager below to find a Conterra ag lending expert in your area.


Matt Manuel
VP Relationship Manager- Southern Region
Matt Manuel Conterra Relationship Manager Southern Region
Channing Boone
Client Relationship Manager
Luke Schultz
VP Relationship Manager- Great Plains
Luke Schultz
Jim Davis
VP Relationship Manager - Pacific Northwest
Jim Davis
Robby Frantzis
VP Relationship Manager - Eastern Region
Joe Erickson
AVP Relationship Manager - Midwest Region
Joe Erickson - Relationship Manager Midwest Region
Trisha Lillie
VP Relationship Manager - Southwest Region
Trisha Lillie Relationship Manager
Tim Jett
VP Relationship Manager - Delta Region
Tharvin Gill
VP Relationship Manager - Western Region
California Tharvin Gill Conterra Ag
Tharvin Gill
VP Relationship Manager - Eastern CornbeltRegion
Darren Anderson Conterra Ag Capital
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