Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

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Protect Your Farm Operation With Crop Insurance

Farmers can help protect their livelihood with Conterra’s crop insurance programs. We are dedicated to helping you mitigate your risk and keep your operation running during times of stress. Contact Our Crop Insurance Expert.
    • Margin Protection
    • Yield Protection
    • Whole Farm Revenue Protection
    • Actual Production History Policies
    • Revenue Protection

Federal Crop Insurance, featuring:

  • Revenue Protection (RP)

  • Yield Protection (YP)

  • Actual Production History (APH)

  • Area Revenue Protection (ARP)

  • Area Yield Protection (AYP)

  • Margin Protection (MP)

Federal programs insuring livestock:

  • Livestock Revenue Protection (LRP)

  • Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)

Drought protection for specific fields:

  • Pasture 

  • Rangeland

  • Forage

Crop Hail:

  • Basic/Deductible Hail

  • Companion Hail

  • Production Hail

  • Harvested Stored Grain

Crop Wind:

  • Greensnap

  • Wind (Lodging)

  • Extra Harvest Expense (EHE)

  • Wind/Tornado 

Products offered through private crop insurance companies:

  • Replant Option (RPO)

  • Late Plant Option (LPO) 

  • Crop Fire

  • Private Revenue Products​​

Companies represented
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Essential items should be on all producers’ minds: how will volatility in input and output prices affect the bottom line? What opportunities and challenges does this present?

Watching input costs, particularly in the labor, fertilizer, and fuel markets will be extremely important. No one size fits all, but managing expenses this year will be important, even with high, albeit volatile, output prices. In this Outlook, we provide more color and context to the essential questions above. 

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