A Lender With Perspective
A Lender with Perspective

Conterra Ag Capital

Conterra provides farm & ranch real estate secured loans to ag producers across the United States. Our regional relationship managers are strategically located across the country to work directly with our borrowers. Whether it is long-term fixed rates, development or alternative financing, we provide flexible and creative lending options for operations through even the toughest agriculture cycles. 

Conterra understands agriculture and is here to support rural America with diverse financial solutions and lending products that can adapt to the needs of today’s producers. We are a lender with perspective, working with borrowers to provide financial solutions for whatever is on the horizon.


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Conterra offers a wide range of farm and ranch loan products designed to meet the needs of today’s farmers, ranchers and agribusiness professionals.

Conterra understands that not all borrowers look the same. We offer alternative ag lending solutions for farmers and ranchers who do not  meet traditional financing standards.

We offer farm development loans for producers looking to expand their current operation or looking to diversify production.

The Conterra Operating Loan Program is designed to provide Operating Lines of Credit (LOCs) to farmers who farm federally insured crops. 

Conterra provides loans to agribusiness facilities and leases on new or pre-owned production equipment. Loans can assist with new construction or improvements on existing facilities. 

A Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC) allows borrowers to take advantage of lower interest rates as long-term fixed rates continue to rise. Funds from this real estate secured, short-term variable rate product can be utilized however you choose.

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“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness”
-Thomas Jefferson

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We have a many loan products including our Rapid Application which is a credit scorecard based model designed to deliver quick underwriting decisions with a simplified application process.

I think Conterra understands agriculture better than anyone I have ever dealt with. Most lending institutions are all finance, but Conterra came and looked at the operation and saw we were doing the best we could under the circumstances."
-Conterra Borrower
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