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Meet Joe Erickson
Conterra Ag Midwest Lending Expert

 Our relationship managers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the overall agriculture markets in their specific regions. We will be meet with you and discuss your operation and find a lending solution to fit your specific needs.

Joe Erickson
AVP Relationship Manager
Joe Erickson - Relationship Manager Midwest Region

Joe Erickson

AVP Relationship Manager
Midwest Region

After graduating from South Dakota State Joe began working in the farm appraisal industry before coming to Conterra.  With valuation experience; he provides expertise in collateral inspection, review, and valuation which benefits the accuracy of key financial metrics  throughout the Loan application process. In addition to Erickson’s knowledge in farm real estate, he is equipped to provide ag loan solutions such as loan originations, servicing, alternative lending and asset management to farmers, ranchers and members of the agribusiness community in her marketplace. Conterra provides financial services and tools such as long-term real estate loans, refinancing, and debt restructuring to meet customers’ evolving financial needs.

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IOWA Agriculture

The nations top producer in corn, egg, and pork production. Iowa is surprisingly 2nd in wind turbine installed capacity and generates the largest percentage of energy produced at 37% of it’s supply.

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Illinois Agriculture

Corn, beans, pork, wheat and cattle are the top agricultural products in the state. Also one of the nations top agricultural exporters due to it’s central location and superior transportation system, the state has the largest rail gateway and 1,118 miles of navigable waterways for barge traffic.

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Wisconsin Agriculture

A top dairy producing state, Wisconsin accounts for 23% of all dairy farms and produces 48% of all specialty cheese in the U.S. While known as the dairy state Wisconsin is also a top producer in cranberries, accounting for 59% of US production.

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South Dakota Agriculture

Known for cattle & calves, corn, soybean, hog and dairy production; South Dakota is actually one of the top producers in Bison, Oats, Honey, and sunflower production!


Minnesota Agriculture

Known as the land of 10,000 lakes, corn and bean fields account for more surface area that all water surfaces in the state. Outside of being a top row crop producing state, Minnesota is also the top producer in sugar beets, green peas, and wild rice.

"Understanding your farm’s real estate, improvement, and machinery value is essential to maintaining a healthy operation. Be cautious when looking to make land purchases and negotiate rental agreements during a run-up in commodity and land value spikes, prices can fall just as quickly as they have risen."
Joe Erickson - Relationship Manager Midwest Region
Joe Erickson
Relationship Manager

We Understand Agriculture in The Midwest

Conterra understands the challenges facing producers in the midwest and midwest regions of the United States. Agriculture in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin face many challenges. Weather is extremely unpredictable in the midwest.  Inflation and supply chain issues are becoming big problems for farmers all over the country. Finding and obtaining supplies, metal, machinery parts, and chemicals at a fair price has become burdensome. Soil erosion and water pollution issues have gained more attention from the effects of heavy rains. Creating and maintaining better conservation tactics is vital to the health and well being of our producers families and friends.  

Conterra is here to provide financial solutions to help manage the many challenges the farmers and ranchers face in rural America. Joe is our boots on the ground expert in your area. Contact Joe to learn more about Conterra’s lending programs. 

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