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Meet Darren Anderson
Conterra’s Eastern Cornbelt Region Lending Expert

Darren is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the overall agriculture markets in the Eastern Cornbelt region. Darren can meet with you and discuss your operation and find a lending solution tailored to your specific needs.

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AVP Relationship Manager

Darren Anderson

VP Relationship Manager
Eastern Cornbelt Region

Darren has had the privilege of being an Ag Lender for 25 years, a role that connects him to agriculture and the incredible people who dedicate their lives to it.

For the past 25 years, Darren has worked as an Ag Lender, gaining hands-on experience by visiting numerous farms and agricultural businesses in the Eastern Corn Belt. “Along the way, I’ve taken on the role of a mentor for several Ag Lenders, sharing my insights and knowledge. Additionally, I’ve acquired practical experience in Crop Insurance and Ag property appraising.”

Darren brings a wealth of ag lending knowledge to Conterra and has an in depth understanding of producers needs. Darren is excited to bring diverse lending products and capital resources to the farmers in the eastern cornbelt.


Ohio Agricultre

Ohio has more than 74,000 farms which of half are livestock. Farming and agriculture are the number one contributor to the Ohio economy. The top 5 commodities in Ohio include corn, soybeans, dairy products, hogs and chicken eggs.

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Indiana Agriculture

Indian is number one for commercial duck production in the nation and second for popcorn, corn is the largest grain commodity produced. Corn and soybeans make up 60% of the agricultural products in Indiana.

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kentucky Agriculture

Kentucky is known for grain farming, soybeans , corn, wheat and tobacco as well as poultry, cattle and for thoroughbred horse breeding (over 1 million acres dedicated to horses) Kentucky has also had a long history of hemp farming.

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Michigan Agriculture

Michigan is the second most diverse agriculture producer behind California with over 300 commodities raised, ranked 3rd nationally for the number of farmers markets, largest commodity sector is dairy and is ranked number 1 for the production of dry black & cranberry beans.

"Along the way, I've taken on the role of a mentor for several Ag Lenders, sharing my insights and knowledge. Additionally, I've acquired practical experience in Crop Insurance and Ag property appraising."
Darren Anderson
Darren Anderson
Relationship Manager

We Understand Agriculture in the Eastern Cornbelt Area.

Conterra understands the challenges facing producers in the eastern regions of the United States. Agriculture in Ohio, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan face many challenges like volatile weather patterns. Drainage and water management is also a problem facing many producers. Labor shortages are making it hard for farmers in the eastern regions to manage the efficiency of their operations. Conterra is here to provide financial solutions to help manage the many challenges the farmers and ranchers face in rural America. Darren Anderson is our boots on the ground expert in your area. Contact Darren to learn more about Conterra’s lending programs.

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