Farm Loans for Oklahoma Agriculture

Are you looking for a farm loan in Oklahoma? Do you have farm real estate? Do you need operating capital? Conterra provides farm real estate backed loans in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. Conterra can provide a variety of loan products including revolving lines of credit (RLOC) in Oklahoma. You can refinance your RLOC into a low long term fixed rate which can help reduce your risk in your Oklahoma farm operation. Matt Manuel is our relationship manager in Oklahoma and he knows the challenges that Oklahoma farmers are facing. He is ready to talk about your farm and what Conterra can do to provide financing for your operation. Lets Talk About Your Options.

Oklahoma Ag Production

Conterra knows Oklahoma’s agriculture is known for “cheap gains” on yearling cattle. In most years the wheat grown in the western half is grazed by many cattle from outlying states. With its early and longer growing season, cow calf operations are very prevalent from east to west. Oil and Gas Production is found throughout most the state and is an income driver for most ranches. Horses are raised throughout the state and many BLM horses are grazed in the NE part of the state. The main commodities in Oklahoma agriculture are beef, soybeans, wheat, horses and hay.

Lending in Oklahoma FAQ's

Yes, Conterra offers ag real estate lending. We have creative financing to maximize your purchasing power through ag real estate collateral.

Conterra has long term fixed rates out to 30 years, as well as short term financing, bridge loans, and RLOC’s to meet the financing needs of Oklahoma farmers.

Increasing your working capital helps your chances of successfully growing your agribusiness. You have options available through the value of your real estate to expand your operation and mitigate your financial risk by having more cash for operations. Your first step is to talk to one of our ag lending experts to learn more about leveraging the equity and value of your land to help expand your operation.

Yes, Conterra has many financing options available to help finance your farm’s needs including revolving lines of credit (RLOC) which can later be refinanced into long term loans.

Yes, Conterra will order an appraisal on your land in Oklahoma through our network of certified appraisers.

Let's Talk Farming

Matt Manuel

Matt Manuel

Relationship Manager for Oklahoma

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