Conterra Ag Premier Application

Conterra Ag Premier Application

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 Loan and Property Information

Source of Funds

Use of Funds

Total Source of funds should equal total use of funds. (Attach additional exhibits or descriptions as needed)

Is this financing related to any recent (12 month or less) land transactions? If so, please describe the terms of the land purchase, including purchase price:

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Consolidated Balance Sheet



Consolidated Income Statement

Gross Farm Income

Collateral- Property Information

Land Information

Collateral - Irrigation Information

5. What percentage of the water supply is provided by the irrigation district and what percentage/cost is supplemented by water exchanges or ground water?

Collateral - Improvements, Lease and Rental Agreement

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I authorize Conterra Ag Capital (“Conterra”) to make whatever inquiries it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, in connection with this credit application and any update, increase, renewal, extension, or collection of the credit extended. I further authorize Conterra to complete, and share with third parties, any information that it may have or obtain in response to such inquires and agree that such information along with this application shall remain Conterra's property, whether credit is extended. All information stated in this application is true and correct. I acknowledge that Conterra is relying on the information contained in this credit application as it relates to its credit decision. I further acknowledge that my credit application is subject to underwriting guidelines and approval, that my submission of this credit application does not constitute an offer to lend by Conterra, and that I may not qualify for credit approval.  I HAVE REVIEWED THE ABOVE DISCLOSURE.